Safety is not just a priority, it’s a value.

Priorities change. We know our health is our #1 priority but when we get busy it takes a back seat. Our values which we commit to like trust, integrity, and hard work must never waiver. That is the level of commitment UES has to safety. Our employees are our most precious resource and safety is how we walk that talk. Our customers see those benefits daily. When our employees are cared for they take care of our customers.
Safety doesn’t happen by accident, it happens with a plan. UES has the highest standards for safety. We employ multiple OSHA 500, OSHA 30, and OSHA 10 trained craftsmen. We have daily safety planning activities that are tracked and scored. Our primary focus is fostering a safety culture not just enforcing compliance. When we achieve that at UES we don’t have just one safety manager we are all safety managers.

• OSHA 500 Safety Manager

• General Contractor Level Electrical Safety Training

• Mandatory OSHA 30 training for field management

• Industry leading electrified electrical work training

• Mandatory lock-out tag-out Training