Integrate a solar energy solution into your facility to reduce energy costs.

Solar is not a replacement for your utility provider, it integrates into your comprehensive energy plan. We design your systems based on your facility and your long term goals.  We work with your facility to first reduce demand and then use solar to offset some of that demand. Having UES as your energy partner provides long term value to your facility.

• Operation and maintenance

• Monitoring

• Power Purchase Agreements

• Performance Contracts


"They completed a major solar project for Casa Grande Union High School District.
Throughout the project, provided great customer service and were very flexible in meeting the unique needs of the school district."

− Denny Dearden - Associate Executive Director - AASA (Former Superintendent CGUHSD)

"Our solar project included six elementary buildings and the district office. The project took place while school was in session, creating special needs, all of which were immediately and professionally addressed."

− Al Steen - Retired Superintendent - Buckeye Elementary School District

"The coordination and efforts to meet the facility needs of our district schools so that school and evening activities would be minimally effected was outstanding."

− Eric Godfrey - Superintendent - Buckeye UHSD