Our mission at UES is to help you run your facility as efficiently as possible, in the most responsible manner possible. UCAN was developed to put the power back in your hands, so you can effortlessly manage your facility and workforce.


Our intuitive dashboard interface makes it easy to control your systems from anywhere, whether on desktop, tablet or mobile device.


At Urban Energy Solutions we assist you with our live help desk, supported by our 24/7 emergency service, with on-site or remote technicians.


Less is more. Less stuff to buy, fewer resources to manage, more time and savings for you.

Facility Owners
Managing dispersed facilities is challenging. Learning multiple systems is cumbersome. UCAN provides a streamlined approach to manage multiple locations at once. No equipment needed. UCAN also easily integrates with existing equipment. UCAN manages access to technicians and outside vendors while integrating products from Honeywell, JCI, Carrier, Alerton and more.

Institutional Owners
Facilities evolve, but your infrastructure is static. You’ve invested in campus optimization, now how do you make your data actionable? Where are the savings? UCAN performs real-time analytics on your building performance data, displaying easy to understand metrics on any device, saving you time and money. Make your data work for you with UCAN.

UES offers unmatched support with our help desk and 24/7 emergency service. UCAN puts the power in your hands, and in most cases, our help desk technicians can fix your problem over the phone by simply accessing your system remotely. If you need additional support, we’ll send someone to you, and it’s all included in your UCAN subscription.

  • Superior customer satisfaction
  • Value-based solutions
  • Response times that exceed expectations
  • Effortless communication
  • Exceptional technical capabilities
  • Client-focused service model for maximum responsiveness
  • Critical inventory planning

Traditional EMS systems are a thing of the past. No more costly software upgrades and maintenance of outdated equipment. UCAN is built on a cloud infrastructure, that means no equipment to buy, no software to upgrade, because we maintain the system and make sure it is alway up-to-date. You can access your system anywhere, whether desktop, tablet or mobile platform, saving your employees time, saving you money.

  • No equipment to buy and manage
  • No software to upgrade
  • UCAN system lives in cloud
  • Troubleshoot from anywhere
  • Efficient system frees up labor
  • Saves you time and money

Older control systems are notoriously clunky. We built UCAN with you in mind. Our systems are built on rock solid SQL servers, and our user interfaces are designed for ease-of-use and efficiency. Whether it’s simplified data for a facility user, or more detailed metrics for stakeholders, UCAN delivers real-time control and usability where it counts.

  • Never worry about software upgrade
  • SQL servers are gold standard
  • Access dashboards from any device
  • From simplified data to detailed metrics